As a child in the rural outskirts of Van Buren, MO, I wasn’t blessed with cable television. Our antenna, perched on the front of the house, piped in two channels- Channel 12 from Cape Girardeau and Channel 8 from Jonesboro- with good clarity. On a clear night, we could sometimes even catch a slightly snowy Channel 6, reaching out to us all the way from Paducah, KY. I can still remember standing outside, turning that monster and listening to my dad yell, “Back a little! A little bit more! Other way! WOAH!”

Unfortunately, those three stations were network stations and shared a number of the “special programs” that would come on throughout the year. If a sporting event or a Jimmy Swaggart crusade came on, it hit all three. My dad would groan, turn off the TV, pick up a book and start reading. It was these lazy nights, with my mom reading her magazines and my dad reading his novels, that developed within me a love of books.

It’s because of these memories that I name this new publishing company after my father, George Charles Davis. We at GCD Publishing still remember those quiet nights, when television was not the only thing that could keep us entertained.

Jeffrey Allen Davis, Founder and President


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